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Debt Collection

In the current economic climate most businesses need to concentrate on sales, product or service delivery and cost control. If, however, your business has slow paying debtors, problems with accounts receivable and outstanding debt, then not only do these cause cash flow problems; they take resources away from important areas such as those above.

ACCOL specialises in debt collection and has a range of services that may be used to recover your money.

When we take on a case, the fact that we are involved may itself have an impact on your debtor leading to payment. Our services range from commercial debt collection through to litigation and enforcement. Whilst being respectful of debtors, our approach is nonetheless strong and assertive. We seek payment in full or, with your agreement, an acceptable instalment arrangement. ACCOL has no lock in contracts or joining fees and complies with all regulations and statutes that cover the debt collection industry.

Commercial Debt Collection

The objective here is to recover your money as fast as possible without the need for legal action.

The collection process begins on the day that you brief us with an escalating series of activities including telephone demand, written demands and field calls where necessary. If your debtor has a dispute, this is identified early and referred to you for comment.

Recovered funds may be paid by the debtor directly to you or through our audited Trust Account from which they are remitted to you. We charge a commission on monies recovered. This is payable only when the funds are returned to you. ACCOL provides you with regular reports on progress of all jobs.

Skip Tracing and Search Services

When your debtor is missing it is hard to recover your money. ACCOL offers a range of skip-tracing and search services including desk research, database searches and field calls - with the specific intent of locating your debtor and recovering your money.

For those instances where the debtor refuses to pay ACCOL can initiate legal action on your behalf. For more information on ACCOL's legal services, click here.

All of these services are results oriented and cost-effective. For contact details and enquiries, click here.

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